2020 was a tumultuous year for many including us here at Evolution MMA. We were pretty much closed from March, only opening for a short stint of non contact training in August before being forced to close again, as the restrictions tightened.

On top of this, at the end of last year we were told we’d have to move out of our location in Tweedbank. As you can imagine, up to now 2021 has been looking rather bleak!

Not so anymore.. We’re really excited to announce that we’ve found a new home. We’re going to be having a new space based inside The Rig in Hawick. The Rig provides functional fitness which is going to be a great compliment to the grappling and striking training we already do.

At this time we’re still unsure when we can open again but we’ve started to move mats and equipment across. We hope to have the new facilities up and running in the next few weeks ready for the time when we can get back to it.

Full details will follow when we have dates!
Hope to see you on the mats soon!