We are very excited to announce our first ever seminar, being ran by Giles Garcia, head coach of Ronin Grappling.

This is super exciting for us as a club, and opens up a huge amount of opportunities for us to learn and grow from one of the best in Scotland.

We plan for this to be the first of many seminars with Giles, where we aim to alternate between hosting him at our academy in Tweedbank, and him hosting us at his academy in Glasgow. This is a huge opportunity for us to train with a large variety of talented people in Scotland and we look forward to seeing our relationship with Ronin Grappling go from strength to strength.

The first seminar will be on Saturday 16th November, at 10am – 1pm, where we will focus 2 hours of No-Gi open guard passing, followed by 1 hour of rolling!

Please contact Scott or Steve for more details.