On Saturday the 16th of November we hosted a No Gi guard passing jiujitsu seminar with Giles Garcia. Giles is a Jiujitsu brown belt with 12 years of Jiujitsu experience and the owner of Ronin Grappling in Glasgow.

We held the event here at Evolution MMA in our facility in Tweedbank on a very cold Saturday morning.  Temperatures were low but that didn’t deter anyone and we had a great turnout from local grapplers, with over 20 people attending the seminar.

As ever Giles was very friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and full of humour with many hilarious one liners!

Check out the great video below by our friends at sr2media.

Everyone with different levels of experience came together with a mutual interest in learning some amazing Jiujitsu techniques. Giles brought a couple of his own students with him to the seminar. It was great to spar with new people and test our skillsets against unfamiliar sparring partners.

What a fantastic day we had! It was great the see so many men and women on the mats going over techniques and learning from a really great instructor like Giles.

The feedback from the seminar has been very positive and we will continue to host more seminars throughout the year. We aim to host 4 seminars a year with Giles and look forward to learning more from him.